Jeffrey Steele collections

Jeffrey Steele mugshot 2014 by Peter Missen
“My relationship to the production of pictures is like that of someone who watches over the operation of machines.”

Works in public collections

In the UK

The BBC’s Your Paintings website has images of JS works in UK public collections.

Outside the UK

Jeffrey Steele artist Domenico billboard Cardiff Jeffrey Steele artist Llandaff Music Festival design prize 1961

Posters and brochures

Jeffrey Steele was commissioned by the Welsh Arts Council to produce a print, which he called Domenico, for a project to put art on advertising hoardings in 1967. The print was based on his painting Duologue, made the previous year.

He won a competition (prize £75) to produce a design for the Llandaff Music Festival in 1961. His design was reproduced as a motif in several forms on posters and literature for the annual festival at Llandaff Cathedral near Cardiff from 1962. The design was in black and white but one year Llandaff added a colour. This led Steele to consider the use of other colours besides black and white in his art, beginning with the green of the Welsh Arts Council poster.